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Dr Jorge Vargas was a prominent German scientist who features in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. He was a member of Einheit Elf in the early 20th Century and helped Totenkopf pioneer his scientific research and helped perfect the designs for his Machines. He was portrayed by English actor Julian Curry.

Role in the Film[]

Dr Vargas features immediately in the film in the first scene when the Hindenburg III docks in New York. He is then kidnapped by Totenkopf's Assassin but is rescued later on in the film by Dex, Polly Perkins and Joseph Sullivan from the Island where he is being held along with the rest of Unit 11.

Vargas' role before the film is the most important for his character. As a member of Enheit Elf , Totenkopf's specialist scientific unit, he was later hunted down by his machines; as were his fellow members.