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The Mobile Airstrip was a atmospheric craft designed partly by Dexter Dearborn as an aircraft carrier capable of moving to areas out of reach for sea-faring craft.

A Mobile Airstrip could be used as a mobile command post, a missile launching platform or a mobile aircraft command base. A standard airstrip carried as it's main defense force a large squadron of amphibious fighter craft, making it usable as a way of launching a large amount of craft into enemy territory. These crafts proved critically useful in raiding Totenkoph's Island, where the amphibious craft escorted Joseph Sullivan's P-51 through an army of crab robots.

A Mobile Airstrip is known to have at least a large amount of cannon, including small guns around the edge of the flight deck and 4 large turrets at each corner of the craft. It is safe to assume the airstrip has plenty more weapons than are visible, considering the size of the ship. Four rotors provide main thrust. The airstrip has radar and can launch radar imager missiles in addition to it's main radar.

The lead Mobile Airstrip that was run by Commander Francesca Cook call sign was Manta Station.

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