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Shambhala is a mysterious and uncharted region in the Nepal Himalayas. Shambhala is said to be the home of a mystical city known by many names. To the Hebrews, it is known as Eden and the ancient Greeks knew it as Empurios but it with most commonly known as Shangri-la. The area is said to be protected by the priests of the Kalachakra lamasery. Dr Totenkopf had a mining outpost built in the area in order to harness materials to build his rocket. Totenkopf Also arranged to have the locals enslaved and forth them to work in his mine which was radioactive and caused the workers to develop horrible deformities which led to their deaths. Joseph SullivanPolly Perkins, and Kaji are brought to the figurative city of Shangri-la To recover after the mining outpost is destroyed. Since Polly lost her film in the destruction of the outpost she is not able to photograph Shangri-la and the city's existence remains a secret.